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Outlander Brewery and Pub, established in 2012, is a Fremont staple housed within a historic Victorian-style building dating back to 1896. This community hub exudes a cozy atmosphere, inviting you to indulge in locally brewed craft beers.

Walking into this converted old house turned brewery, the atmosphere is almost eerie, with its numerous small rooms, vintage furniture, and a patio and beer garden bathed in afternoon sunlight. Admittedly, there's a certain odor lingering in the air, and it feels a bit...sticky. But despite that, we decided to sample their food (the Brie and Bacon Sandwich), and it was delicious. The beers were fantastic—plenty of sours to choose from, with the bartender more than happy to offer recommendations. The Basil Pale Ale was truly exceptional.

This place is full of character and utterly unique—a memorable spot indeed. I love it. Creative craft beers, delicious yet affordable menu, with both garden and indoor seating available. It's a refreshing change from the upscale, trendy cocktail bars popping up along the street. I had a Raspberry Mint Porter, which was as unusual as it was excellent. I visited Outlander Brewery & Pub, and it's one of the best places I've been to. Over the past few years of traveling, it's been hard to find places as great as this. If you're in Seattle, I highly recommend checking it out. Fremont, one of Seattle's quirky neighborhoods, is such a gem.

Located in a trendy old house, we enjoyed some delicious beers. Unfortunately, we had already eaten, so we just shared a bowl of really good olives. We'll definitely be back! I love this place because you never know what they'll offer next. They produce all sorts of interesting beers, from Peanut Butter Porter to Brass Monkey Ale. Combined with the cozy atmosphere, it's undoubtedly one of the best spots in Seattle for craft beer enthusiasts. You order a beer in a tiny bar inside an old house. Needless to say, this place is unique: drinking in various small rooms of an old house.

We actually visited back in October 2015, but I've been procrastinating! The bar is only steps away from our hotel, so we headed over...almost immediately turned back. The place looks "identical" to someone's house, with no greeter or anything to reassure you that you haven't just barged into someone's home. The bar itself is at the end of the hallway, with a very "private party" vibe despite being a place where you could totally crash a party if you wanted to. The seating area is just a bunch of rooms, looking like a regular seating area in someone's house...maybe with more tables and chairs than usual, but the furniture isn't a perfect match as you might expect in a restaurant. There's a dining table over there; here's a big armchair with a side table. Super comfy once you find your spot!

Food and drinks are ordered at the bar, and both are excellent—though the food is more for pairing with drinks than an actual meal. Appreciated the variety of beer styles available; we're generally not fans of IPAs, so sometimes finding beers we like at smaller places can be tough. Not here! We tried several beers, including Peanut Butter Porter, Pumpkin Spice Ale, and a Hopped Barleywine, and all were delicious.

The moral of the story is: It's not someone's house, but it's a super comfy place to relax and drink good beer. Go if you can! Outlander is a quirky local bar in Fremont, offering authentic, tasty beers, and the name is just as colorful (ahem). We had a Saison and an IPA, both authentic and fantastic. It's clearly a house converted into a bar. The "beer garden" out back is a great spot for wandering and beer drinking. The walls even have hops growing on them, and you can catch a whiff of brewing beer from next door. We sat on the patio and it felt great. They have games and cards for people to use. The bar is small, so there may be a wait depending on the crowd. I tried their Warrior IPA. A robust Pacific Northwest IPA. I'd recommend it to the hop heads.

From the Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout to the "Biggus Dickus" Ale to the "Dill with it" Sour, I've had some of the most memorable beers here. The Coconut & Lime was another delicious one I had tonight. They've upped their food game, offering a more extensive menu, including tasty pies, and food and drink specials throughout the week. There's also outdoor seating, which is nice. One minor complaint is that the chairs inside aren't the most comfortable. Sometimes, there's no music playing. Minor gripes aside, it's one of my favorite places in town to grab a drink. We met a friend at The Wine Thief and wanted to have a few more drinks. So I had Siri show me nearby breweries, and Outlander BrewPub popped up. Literally, two blocks up the street and one block over, and there we were. A simple sign on the street lets you know you've arrived.

The brewery is a converted house, with tables everywhere, plus a lovely patio and a "courtyard" area for more spacious seating. The bar and kitchen are in one room, and despite being a stranger, both the bartender and the gentlemen sitting at the bar were friendly, and I enjoyed chatting with them. The bartender's accent caught my attention—he could talk all day and I wouldn't guess his Australian accent. They have a great selection of beers—not too many, of course, and flights are available. I particularly enjoyed the Thai Spice Ale and the Basil Ale. They have food, and we opted for (chef-recommended) Salt & Pepper Rolls, Beer Cheese, and Nuts. I think we argued over who could dip into the sauce in the bowl last. The restroom was charming, with an old-fashioned vibe, and, most importantly, clean. I noticed a wall adorned with specialty mugs, and I bet the locals keep their specialty mugs there. Cheers, warm gentlemen—I'll be back to Seattle, and I'll be back to Outlander!!

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